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Christian Piatt

Christian Piatt is an author, editor, speaker, musician, and spoken word artist. He serves as the president and CEO for CrowdScribed and as a grant writer for Merchant McIntyre. He is the creator of the Banned Questions book series and the author of several books, including postChristian.

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November 1, 2017

Using the annual lectionary as his guide, Christian Piatt has put together a devotional that allows us to read through major parts of the Old and New Testaments. Every week has four Scripture readings, glossary terms, deeper thoughts, and a closing prayer.

Start anywhere. Set it down and come back to it. Use it as an in-depth study guide or a daily devotional. There’s no "wrong way" to use Surviving the Bible. Engage ancient texts in new ways that make sense, here and now, maybe for the first time.