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Danielle Shroyer

Danielle Shroyer is a sought-after speaker, respected pastor, and a founding member of the emerging church movement. She holds a BA from Baylor University and an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and is the author of Original Blessing: Putting Sin in Its Rightful Place and Where Jesus Prayed.

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Release date: 
March 5, 2019

A fresh, new exploration of who God is and what God wants for creation.

Danielle Shroyer introduces us to a God who delights in breaking ...

Release date: 
November 1, 2016

Belief in the doctrine of Original Sin is firmly held by many Christians, but it turns out that it’s not necessarily biblical. Further, argues Danielle Shroyer, it’s bad for people and bad for the church. In Original Blessing, Shroyer shows not only how we got it wrong, but how we can put sin back in its rightful place: in a broader context of redemption and the blessing of humanity’s creation in the image of God.