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E. P. Sanders (Author)
Release date: 
August 1, 1977

Paul and Palestinian Judaism compares Judaism, understood on its own terms, with Paul, understood on his own terms. Sanders aims to: Consider...

Norman Perrin (Author)
Release date: 
March 1, 1977
The New Testament resurrection narratives must be understood in both their similarities and their differences. Norman Perrin was a leading interpreter of the...
Release date: 
August 1, 1976
A sharp challenge to traditional ways of understanding Paul is sounded in this book by a distinguished interpreter of the New Testament. Krister Stendahl...
Ralph D. Heim (Author)
Release date: 
January 1, 1976
A classic manual that has gone through more than twenty printings, this book is the first Harmony of the Gospels to use the Revised Standard Version of the...
Bo Reicke (Author) David E. Green (Translator)
Release date: 
July 1, 1975
This volume by an internationally know New Testament scholar and historian offers a concise history of the complex and often obscure period, from the Jewish...
James Kallas (Author)
Release date: 
February 5, 1975
James Kallas presents the real Satan by examining who Satan is in both Old and New Testaments. Many will want to scoff at the idea that Satan exists at all,...
Release date: 
January 1, 1975
An Investigation into Economic and Social Conditions during the New Testament Period, including: Economic conditions in the city of Jerusalem, economic...