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Frank C. Senn

Frank C. Senn is a retired Lutheran pastor and visiting professor. He is a past president the North American Academy of Liturgy. His previous books from Fortress Press include Christian Liturgy: Catholic and Evangelical (1997), New Creation: A Liturgical Worldview (2000), The People’s Work: A Social History of the Liturgy (2010), and Introduction to Christian Liturgy (2012).

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Release date: 
August 15, 2017

Building on his previous work, Frank C. Senn explores the relationship between the sacramental body and blood of Christ, the ecclesial body of Christ, and ...

Release date: 
June 1, 2016

Embodied Liturgy marks a “return to the body” in thinking about Christian liturgy and sacramental practice. With the body as a primary focus, the volume explores the crucial content of liturgical theology, examining the offices of prayer, the church’s liturgical calendar, sacraments and sacramental theology, word and sacramental liturgy, ritual studies, music and art, and cultural issues.

Release date: 
July 1, 2012

Designed as a general introduction to Christian liturgy, this book explores the meaning, history, and practice of worship in Eastern and Western, Catholic and Protestant traditions...

Release date: 
August 2, 2010
Distinguished liturgical historian and theologian Frank Senn here ventures behind the liturgical screen, behind the texts, and behind the rubrics to reconstruct...
Release date: 
June 2, 2000
Although the twentieth century witnessed a thorough liturgical revival and renewal, the last ten years exploded in diverse and conflicting styles, settings,...
Release date: 
August 1, 1997

Written with special attention to Early Church, Reformation, and present day traditions, this is a new comprehensive study of Christian liturgy that sorts...