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James M. Robinson

James M. Robinson was Emeritus Professor of New Testament at Claremont Graduate University and the Director of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity. He was the editor of the Nag Hammadi Library and the author of numerous books.

He first became known for his New Quest of the Historical Jesus and (with John Cobb) the trilogy on New Frontiers in Theology: The Later Heidegger and Theology, The New Hermeneutic, and Theology as History. He edited for UNESCO The Facsimile Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices, in eleven volumes accompanied by a one-volume English translation, The Nag Hammadi Library in English, and a critical edition, The Coptic Gnostic Library (in seventeen volumes).

As co-chair of an International Q Project co-sponsored by the Society of Biblical Literature and the Claremont Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, he edited (with John Kloppenborg and Paul Hoffmann) The Critical Edition of Q, a Hermeneia Supplement. He was also the editor of the Facets volume The Sayings of Jesus: The Sayings Gospel Q in English. Robinson was a past president of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Book List

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Release date: 
February 19, 2007
Who was Jesus, really? In these pages Robinson, one of the premier scholars of the New Testament and the Sayings Gospel Q, asks what we can know of Jesus from...
Release date: 
September 24, 2002
The International Q Project has been working for many years to establish the text of Q—the source for sayings of Jesus utilized by both Matthew and...
Release date: 
January 2, 2002
Presenting the Sayings Gospel Q succinctly. Taking the English text from the International Q Project's authoritative The Critical Edition of Q (Fortress...
Release date: 
November 6, 2000

A major new resource on the text and traditions of the Sayings Gospel. The existence of Q (simply defined as the non-Markan material common to Matthew and...