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Kathleen L. Lodwick

Kathleen L. Lodwick is an American historian, author, and educator. She holds a PhD in Chinese history from the University of Arizona and is a professor of history, emerita, at Pennsylvania State University. She is the editor of The Chinese Recorder Index: A Guide to Christian Missions in Asia, 1867–1941 (1986), three monographs, and one edited volume on missionaries in China.

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December 1, 2016

Foreign missionaries who served in China ran the gamut of Christians, with differing views of their religion and differing ideas of how to spread it. When all foreign missionaries were forced to leave China in 1949 many thought their effort had been in vain. Yet some scholars predict that soon China will be the country with the largest Christian population in the world. Kathleen L. Lodwick tells the story of Christianity in China. It’s essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the contemporary phenomena that is Christianity in China.