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Klaus Baltzer

Klaus Baltzer is Emeritus Professor of Old Testament in the Protestant Faculty of the University of Munich, Germany. He is author of The Covenant Formulary, (Fortress Press, 1971) and Die Biographie der Propheten (1975). He is also on the Old Testament Editorial Board of the Hermeneia series.

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Release date: 
November 1, 2011

In this "meticulous" commentary, "brilliantly" translated by Linda M. Maloney (Review of Biblical Literature), Hossfeld and Zenger provide for each psalm a...

Release date: 
June 7, 2005

This newest contribution to the acclaimed Hermeneia series provides in-depth analysis of Psalms 51-100. It is volume 2 of a three-volume work; volume 3...

Release date: 
May 18, 2004

Qoheleth presents a special challenge not only for professional commentators but also for 'normal' readers of the Hebrew text (or a modern translation). . . ....

Release date: 
November 19, 2001

1 Enoch is one of the most intriguing books in the Pseudepigrapha (Israelite works outside the Hebrew canon). It was originally written...

Release date: 
January 22, 2001

Isaiah 40-55 in dramatic voice. Deutero-Isaiah's work, which comprises Isaiah chapters 40-55, has exerted its influence on testimonies of faith...