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Mark D. Nanos

Mark D. Nanos is lecturer at the University of Kansas and author of The Mystery of Romans (Fortress Press, 1996) and The Irony of Galatians (Fortress Press, 2002).

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January 1, 2015
These chapters explore a number of issues in the contemporary study of Paul raised by questing what it means to read Paul from within Judaism? rather than supposing that he left the practice and promotion of living Jewishly behind after his discovery of Jesus as Christ (Messiah). This is a different question to those which have driven the "New Perspective" over the last thirty years, which still operates from many traditional assumptions about Paul's motives and behavior, viewing them as inconsistent with and critical of Judaism.
Release date: 
November 14, 2001
Intra-Jewish conflict in Paul's communities After taking on traditional interpretations of Romans in (The Mystery of Romans, Nanos now turns his attention...
Release date: 
January 6, 1996
Paul's letter to the Romans, says Nanos, is an example of Jewish correspondence, addressing believers in Jesus who are steeped in Jewish ways—whether...