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Rick Rouse

Rick Rouse is an ELCA pastor, having served congregations in Arizona, California, Washington, and Oregon. He has also served as executive director for church relations and continuing theological education at Pacific Lutheran University for twelve years. The author of several books, Rouse has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and has had his Seattle congregation's story of forgiveness and healing reported in USA Today, Reader’s Digest, and The Lutheran.

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April 1, 2016

Pastoral care has been traditionally understood as pastoral acts administered to individuals or small groups by an ordained or lay religious practitioner. As congregations in the twenty-first century begin to reclaim the missional nature of church, this view must be broadened to include care and concern for the needs of the larger community. In Beyond Church Walls, Rick Rouse articulates precisely what a missional approach to pastoral care looks like—and the substantial impact it can have on congregations and communities.

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March 12, 2008
The roster of books on leadership is full of high theory and grand expositions of biblical principles. But there is precious little practical advice for regular...