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Modern Christianity

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Release date: 
August 1, 2014
Half a century after some of its most important moments, the assessment of the Civil Rights Era continues. In this exciting volume, Dr. Rufus Burrow turns his attention to a less investigated but critically important byway in this powerful story?the role of children and young people in the Civil Rights Movement.
Release date: 
January 1, 2014
Martin Luther King Junior is a rare mix of the deeply profound thinker and intellect who put the fruit of that reflection into the service of direct social action.
Martin E. Marty (Author of the Foreword) James C Burkee (Author)
Release date: 
October 1, 2013
Power, Politics, and the Missouri Synod follows the rise of two Lutheran clergymen-Herman Otten and J. A. O. Preus-who led different wings of a...
Release date: 
September 1, 2013
United States, empire, country, civil religion, democracy, democratic, national Christianity, Western
Tim Dowley (Author)
Release date: 
August 1, 2011

Tim Dowley's popular history of Christian music is the first to encompass all eras, regions, and varieties of this rich and vast treasure. From its Jewish...

Anthony B. Pinn (Author)
Release date: 
July 1, 2011

Is there really a monolithic "black church"? Distilling the arguments of Pinn's important and provocative work in Terror and Triumph, this brief work asks the...

Release date: 
April 1, 2011

African American congregations have long been celebrated as a locus for powerful, prophetic preaching, but at its best they have also embraced a strong pastoral...