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Congregational/Worship and Liturgy

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Release date: 
November 8, 2005
In this highly accessible book, Fred Lehr clarifies the nature and practice of clergy codependence. In short, insightful, and highly readable chapters, filled...
Michael Battle (Author) Tony Campolo (Author)
Release date: 
May 3, 2005
Two of the most vocal activists on racial issues in the church seek nothing less than a conversion of American Christianity. They directly challenge the...
Release date: 
September 15, 2004
Writing from a Native American perspective, theologian George Tinker probes American Indian culture, its vast religious and cultural legacy, and its ambiguous...
Release date: 
August 10, 2004
A major challenge for religious communities today lies in harnessing the commitment and energy of religious people to address larger societal issues. Key to...
Release date: 
May 18, 2004
Many clergy are in startlingly bad health. Not only do they regularly report depression, stress, and serious family and financial problems, they also exhibit...
Release date: 
February 24, 2004
Christian Churches and the Global AIDS Crisis More than twenty years into the global AIDS pandemic, the efforts of Christian congregations and denominations...
Harold G. Koenig (Author) W. Daniel Hale (Author)
Release date: 
October 31, 2003
As healthcare leaders widely recognize, churches are second homes to their members and ideally situated—indeed called—to serve their communities...