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Congregational/Worship and Liturgy

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J. Andrew Kirk (Author)
Release date: 
January 28, 2000
This book fills the need for a single-volume introduction to the concept of Christian mission and the complex theological and practical issues revolving...
Release date: 
May 3, 1999
Patricia Wilson-Kastner's wonderfully crafted work views the liturgy as a cosmic drama, enacting a sacred meal that grounds us in the universe, draws us into...
Margaret A. Krych (Author of the Foreword)
Release date: 
April 1, 1999
In this volume, nine leading Lutheran scholars examine the theological, historical and educational foundations of confirmation ministry in the ELCA....
Release date: 
April 14, 1998
New in paperback! Cyril of Jerusalem wrote about "holy things." He thereby reflected the communion invitation used in his fourth-century liturgy to call...
Frank C. Senn (Author)
Release date: 
August 1, 1997

Written with special attention to Early Church, Reformation, and present day traditions, this is a new comprehensive study of Christian liturgy that sorts...

David Rhoads (Author)
Release date: 
October 17, 1996
This book is addressed primarily to Christians of various denominations in the United States—to parishes, both laity and clergy, and to students. The...
Louis W. Bloede (Author)
Release date: 
June 28, 1996
This highly practical step-by-step look at the life and role of the pastor is helpful for newly ordained clergy as well as the experienced pastor looking for...