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Pastoral Care & Counseling

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March 12, 2010
The experience of grief has been a source of intrigue and curiosity throughout history, and it continues to stimulate thought and theory in various fields of...
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October 6, 2009
While there are many similarities among women's experiences, there are undeniable and important differences as well. Assembling a leading group of theologians,...
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August 4, 2009
Sometimes lectionary preachers struggle when situations present themselves in parish life. A congregational member dies, two lives are joined in marriage, a...
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July 30, 2009
Over 120 million American teens and adults use alcohol at one time or another. While in most situations these individuals are able to use it responsibly and...
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April 6, 2009
Pastoral care is often focused on individual problems, but much of what harms and impedes us stems from the larger social maladies at work in our lives. This...
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January 21, 2009

We live in a leadership crisis. "In an age when incompatible worlds collide and when scandals rock formerly stable institutions," says Walter Fluker,...

Howard W. Stone (Author)
Release date: 
December 17, 2008
Crisis Counseling unites the historic skills of pastoral care and counseling with current methods of crisis intervention from the fields of psychology and...