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New Faith: A Black Christian Woman's Guide to Reformation,: Re-Creation, Rediscovery, Renaissance, Resurrection, and Revival

Sheron C. Patterson (Author)
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Patterson argues that black women must possess "new faith" for their survival and future. This text is based on a womanist view of Jesus Christ and urges women to seek a better existence for themselves through two goals: eradicating unnecessary suffering and implementing corrective love. Patterson argues that unnecessary suffering is partly the result of mis-education by the historic church. It has taught black Christian women to suffer for the sake of their men, just as they are to suffer for Christ's sake. Further, she argues that corrective love remedies the madness induced by unnecessary suffering—helping black women to develop an intolerance for the negatives, such as sexism and racism, that historically have impeded them.

This text employs the theological passion of black womanism to identify and address the religious realities that underlie ersonal, familial, and societal maladies and dilemmas.

Patterson, a visible, energetic, and articulate author, facilitates a remarkably lucid and engaging discussion of religious issues for women in a practical and helpful manner that centers on relationships, self-regard, and relationship with God.
Release date: 
April 27, 2000


"Sheron Patterson's work is full of vitality and power. This volume challenges not only African American women but also the church itself and the field of pastoral theology to look at suffering in new ways—with an eye toward tangible empowerment of the oppressed."
— Patricia H. Davis, Perkins School of Theology

Table of Contents


  1. Counter-Cultural Strut

  2. Predestined to Be the Same
    Becoming Somebody
    Walking Counter-Culture
    Birthing New Faith

  3. What Is New Faith?

  4. The Goal of New Faith
    Fall in Love with You
    Not Men-Haters
    Women and the Black Church
    We Become Students of the Word
    Womanist Theology
    We Ain't Going Anywhere

  5. My Soul Looks Back

  6. Healing History
    Slavery and Christianity
    The Past Colors Our Present
    Too Much Focus on Fashion
    The Backbone of the Church

  7. Revising Ourselves

  8. Old Ways, New Ways
    Corrective Love
    Tending Your Garden

  9. Sisterhood Future Style

  10. The Walls That Divide
    No Enemies Here!

  11. Rocking the Cradle and the World

  12. Black Mothers
    Reclaiming Motherhood
    A Brand-New Bag

  13. Brothers

  14. The Bible and Gender Wars
    Keys to the Conflict
    Sisters and Brothers in Truth

  15. Sins of the Father

  16. We Must Turn on the Light
    Fathers in the Bible
    We Are Stuck
    Sexual Abuse
    Survivors, Not Victims

  17. It's Time for Love

  18. Sisters Awake and Aware
    Putting Slavery Behind Us
    Love Our Way
    The Men We Want

  19. Becoming One Flesh

  20. New Faith Partnering
    Costs of Traditional Marriage
    Overhauling Traditional Misunderstandings
    Roots of the Domination Fixation
    Authentic Intimacy
    Partnership Marriage

  21. Cleaning Up the House

  22. Women's Work
    Men's Work
    What We Can Do Together

  23. Striving toward the Vision

  24. Notes
    Selected Readings