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Final Account: Paul's Letter to the Romans

Final Account

Paul's Letter to the Romans

Krister Stendahl (Author)

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Krister Stendahl offers a provocative and compelling reading of Paul's letter to the Romans, the "final account" of the major themes of Paul's theology. Among these are the conceptual underpinnings of Paul's mission, the grand divine plan for the mending of creation, the redemption of Israel, the mystery of the inclusion of the Gentiles, and the relation of the "macro" to the "micro" in Paul's thought—and much more.
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  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800629229
  • Pages 76
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  • Publication Date April 10, 1995


"The book is delightful reading, punctuated with humor, yet serious about expounding long-standing traditional interpretations of Paul and of Romans that fly in the face of the text and the spirit of Paul's intentions."
— Mark D. Nanos, Journal of Beliefs and Values


Krister Stendahl, as scholar and as preacher, as dean and as bishop, has demonstrated a remarkable capacity simultaneously to resonate to tradition and to be critical toward it. . . . He embodies the very quality to which he points: that by the tradition which he has transmitted he has equipped all of us who learn from him to go beyond him. And that, too, is a fitting position for someone who does not want to make disciples but to be one.
— Jaroslav Pelikan, from the Foreword

Table of Contents

    Foreword by Jaroslav Pelikan

  1. Paul and Israel
  2. A Particular Letter and Sin Universal: Romans 1:1—3:20 and 15
  3. Paul's Exegetical Find, Its Consequences and Limits— The By-passing of Moses and the Macro/Micro Distinction: Romans 3:21—8:39
  4. Missiological Reflections by a Former Zealot: Romans 9-11
  5. Intellectual Worship and Respect for Conviction: Romans 12-14

    Appendix: Paul's Letter to the Romans, RSV