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Healing a Broken World: Globalization and God

Healing a Broken World

Globalization and God

Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda (Author)


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While spirituality is still thought to be primarily a personal quest for holiness and religious experience, it might be thought mere narcissism in an era of widespread need. Moe-Lobeda shows how the advent of globalization places a new horizon on the spiritual quest but, at the same time, has caused an enervation of people's sense of moral agency. What can I, one person, do to affect such a massive and systemic shift?

Far from being a flight from the world, she argues, the classic Christian contemplative tradition can ignite critical vision and creative resistance to the seemingly inevitable march of globalization.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800632502
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 256
  • Publication Date August 8, 2002


"An increasing number of Christians recognize, at least vaguely, that the global economy is hurting a lot of people. But few are clear of how and why, and fewer still are moved to engage in serious resistance. This book first makes clear that and why economic globalization is to be resisted and then tackles head-on the deeply Christian question of whence come the strength and courage to resist. She finds an answer in features of the thought of Martin Luther. ... May the church be moved by her words to act against the principalities and powers of this world, and may we find the courage to do so steadfastly and effectively! The fate of billions of people depends on this."
— John B. Cobb Jr.

"A signal work of modern prophecy, showing that global market capitalism functions as a religion ... deciding for us what is sacred and what is not. If taken seriously, this book can be 'good news for the poor' and for this battered earth, and it could reverse the slide of contemporary mainstream Christian churches into irrelevance."
— Daniel C. Maguire, Marquette University

"This bold, highly readable book gets at the heart of our ethical impasse: we know how to destroy our planet and how to make it flourish, but we do not know how to help ourselves do the latter."
— Sallie McFague, Vancouver School of Theology

"In this remarkable book...the author mobilizes immense learning about global context and about Gospel tradition. The impact of the book is one of authorization and empowerment. It is a book much needed now, and surely to be well received."
— Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

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