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Ruth: Continental Commentaries


Continental Commentaries

Andre LaCocque (Author), K. C. Hanson (Translator)


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This volume provides a readable introduction to the narrative book of Ruth appropriate for the student, pastor, and scholar. LaCocque combines historical, literary, feminist, and liberationist approaches in an engaging synthesis. He argues that the book was written in the post-exilic period and that the author was a woman. Countering the fears and xenophobia of many in Jerusalem, the biblical author employed the notion of h.esed (kindness, loyalty, steadfast love), which transcends any national boundaries.

LaCocque focuses on redemption and levirate marriage as the two legal issues that recur throughout the text of Ruth. Ruth comes from the despised people of Moab but becomes a model for Israel. Boaz, converted to the model of steadfast love, becomes both redeemer and levir for Ruth and thus fulfills the Torah. In the conclusion to his study, the author sketches some parallels with Jesus' hermeneutics of the Law as well as postmodern problems and solutions.
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  • Pages 208
  • Publication Date November 18, 2004


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Table of Contents

    Editor's Foreword
    Translator's Note

    Textual Criticism
    Literary Criticism
    Social Environment

  1. Ruth 1:1-22
    Exile and Death in Moab (1:1-5)
    The Return to Judah (1:6-15)
    Ruth's Great Return/Reversal (1:16-18)

  2. Ruth 2:1-23
    Gleaning in the Field of Boaz (2:1-17)
    Ruth Reports to Naomo (2:18-23)

  3. Ruth 3:1-18
    Naomi's Strategy (3:1-5)
    The Seduction Scene (3:6-15)
    Ruth Reports to Naomi (3:16-18)

  4. Ruth 4:1-22
    The Court Session (4:1-4)
    Boaz's Dangerous Gambit (4:5-12)
    Marriage and Birth (4:13-17)
    Genealogy (4:18-22)


    Scripture Index
    Index of Names