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Luther's Works, Volume 39: Church and Ministry I

Luther's Works, Volume 39

Church and Ministry I

Martin Luther (Author), Eric W. Gritsch (Editor)


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This volume includes two writings dealing with the plight of the common person who Luther felt had become a victim of the ecclesiastical establishment. These are followed by treatises taken from Luther's literary feud with three staunch supporters of Rome: Augustine Alveld, Jerome Emser [the "Leipzig goat"], and Albrecht of Mainz. The final treatise contains Luther's argument for congregational authority.

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  • ISBN 9780800603397
  • Format Hardcover
  • Dimensions 9.38 x 6.38
  • Pages 356
  • Publication Date May 1, 1970

Table of Contents

General Editors' Preface
Introduction to Church and Ministry
Introduction to Volume 39
A Sermon on the Ban, 1520
A Discussion on How Confession Should Be Made, 1520
On the Papacy in Rome, Against the Most Celebrated Romanist in Leipzig, 1520
To the Goat in Leipzig, 1521
Concerning the Answer of the Goat in Leipzig, 1521
Answer to the Hyperchristian, Hyperspiritual, Hyperlearned Book by Goat Emser in Leipzig -- Including Some Thoughts Regarding His Companion, the Fool Murner, 1521
Dr. Luther's Retraction of the Error Forced upon Him by the Most Highly Learned Priest of God, Sir Jerome Emser, Vicar in Meissen, 1521
Against the Spiritual Estate of the Pope and the Bishops, Falsely So Called, 1522
That a Christian Assembly or Congregation Has the Right and Power to Judge All Teaching and to Call, Appoint, and Dismiss Teachers, Established and Proven by Scripture, 1523