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Apocalypse Recalled: The Book of Revelation after Christendom

Apocalypse Recalled

The Book of Revelation after Christendom

Harry O. Maier (Author)


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The Book of Revelation has often been read as a set of endtime scenarios, glorifying a vengeful God and predicting and even fomenting apocalyptic violence. Yet it continues to exert a profound hold on the dreams and visions, fears and nightmares of our contemporary, first-world, secular culture.

Harry Maier insists that, however much one is skeptical of its misuse or awed by its influence, Revelation still harbors a powerful and important message for Christians today. His fascinating book, erudite yet also intensely personal, asks us to recall Apocalypse through a careful exegesis of Revelation's deeper literary currents against the backdrop of imperial Rome. He explores the narrrator's literary identity, the plot or journey of the text, its many ocular and aural dimensions, and the ambiguous temporal dimensions of its "past vision of a future time." Revelation, he believes, "offers an inversion of the violent and militaristic ideals of a first-century Roman Empire by offering a highly ironical political parody of imperial politics and insisting the true power belongs to the hero of the Apocalypse, the Slain Lamb."

In the end, Apocalypse Recalled seeks to free the imprisoned John of Patmos and employ his massively influential and controversial text to awaken a sleeping, sidelined, and culturally assimilated church to new imperatives of discipleship.

Key Features
  • A responsible study that rescues the Book of Revelation from fundamentalist interpretations
  • A call to understand and emulate the early church's relationship to political power
  • A creative hypothesis about the literary character of the book
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • ISBN 9780800634926
  • Format Paperback
  • Pages 288
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Publication Date October 4, 2002


Apocalypse Recalled  Wins First Place in Canadian Christian Writers Competition

MINNEAPOLIS (June 19, 2003)
Fortress Press is proud to announce that Harry O. Maier's Apocalypse Recalled, a book that captures the prophetic excitement of the Book of Revelation, won a first place award at the Canadian Christian Writers competition last week.

The annual Word Guild awards for Canadian writers who are Christian were presented Friday during the 19th God Uses Ink conference in Guelph, Ontario. More than 250 people, mainly Canadian writers and editors, were in attendance to hear plenary speaker Mark Buchanan and see the awards presented.

Harry O. Maier's Apocalypse Recalled was awarded the 2002 Award for Best Leadership & Philosophy Book.


"Maier reads the Book of Revelation reading Maier. He lets its ancient witness to an anti-imperial Christianity reread Christian life in the current empire of globalization. In this adventurous return to an Apocalypse we never left, Maier captures the subversive excitement of the text. His own writing is lively with popular culture and personal anecdote, rich in its transdisciplinary scholarship, prophetic but never heavy-handed in its 'cruciform irony.'"
—Catherine Keller, Professor of Constructive Theology, Drew University

Table of Contents

  1. Apocalypse Troubles
  2. I, John
  3. Seeing Things
  4. Hearing Voices
  5. Games with Time
  6. The Praise of Folly
  7. Remembering Apocalypse