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The Hebrew Bible: A Comparative Approach

The Hebrew Bible

A Comparative Approach

Christopher D. Stanley (Author)


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In The Hebrew Bible, Christopher D. Stanley provides a Hebrew Bible textbook admirably suited to college and university courses in religious studies. At once accessible and comprehensive, The Hebrew Bible approaches the Bible through the categories of comparative religion, carefully distinguishing the religion of ancient Israel from the religion represented in the Bible and discussing such dimensions of religion as the role of scripture, symbol and worldview, sacred narrative (myth), ritual and community, and the encounter with the holy.

This product page also offers special resources for instructors and students including sample syllabi, teaching tips, study questions, and a research guide.

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  • Publication Date September 11, 2009


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"Bravo! Finally, here is a thoughtfully selective textbook on the Hebrew Bible and its context within Religious Studies and the Academy that–without compromising academic rigour–caters to real students of the twenty-first century embarking on a semester-long course! Authoritatively and clearly ordered and explained throughout, this marvelous text brings the study of ancient texts to life in ways that render them relevant and absorbing. The accompanying exercises make the encounter with the Hebrew Bible and biblical scholarship actively engaging. A splendid textbook that will certainly appear on my course reading lists."
—Johanna Stiebert
Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible
University of Tennessee

"The world of the Hebrew Bible is foreign territory for many students, but Stanley's comparative approach makes that world accessible. Drawing upon historical, anthropological, sociological, and literary studies to discuss Israel's religious beliefs, practices, and writings, this textbook focuses on the close connection between a people's history, culture, and religion, thus enabling students to understand how the beliefs of ancient Israel developed, were appropriated, used, and changed over time."
—Pauline A. Viviano
Associate Professor of Theology
Loyola University Chicago

"Finally, an undergraduate textbook on the Hebrew Bible that uses methods and categories of analysis from the academic study of religion! While Stanley is attentive to historical, literary, and theological issues, the book is not driven by them. Teaching the introductory Hebrew Bible course with Stanley's accessible and nonconfessional text will bring the subject matter back into the mainstream of a religious studies department, where this important literature can be understood and appreciated comparatively alongside other religions of the world."
—Greg Schmidt Goering
Department of Religious Studies
University of Virginia

—Praise from Students Using Stanley's The Hebrew Bible

"This is one of the best textbooks I've used with regard to quality, clarity, and length of readings."

"Easy to understand and clearly written–it's a great textbook!"

"The textbook is very interactive and allows the reader to understand difficult concepts easily."

"The book is easy to read, whether or not one has a religious background."

"This book has helped me to understand the Hebrew Bible and the Jewish religion in a way I didn't know was possible. I like the fact that everything is viewed in terms of comparison with other religions."

"The book is well organized into manageable chapters, easy to navigate, and very readable. Top notch!"

"The numerous pictures are a great feature!"

"Everything is explained clearly and pulled together at the conclusion of each chapter."

"The writing is to the point, giving me the information I need without some of the 'padding' other books use. It uses language I can understand; I didn't have to use the dictionary all the time."

"This book explains the stories in the Hebrew Bible better than any other book I have ever read."


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