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Psalms 1 - 59: Continental Commentaries

Psalms 1 - 59

Continental Commentaries

Hans-Joachim Kraus (Author), Hilton C. Oswald (Translator)


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In this thorough commentary, Professor Kraus takes each Psalm in turn, offers a fresh translation, a bibliography, linguistic notes, discussion of the form and origin of the passage, a verse-by-verse commentary, and a summary of the particular Psalm's main theological points. In addition, Professor Kraus discusses the poetic form and titles of the Psalms, the relation of the Psalms to the history of Israel, and the Masoretic Text and the ancient translations. Indices of biblical references and names and subjects are included. Psalms 1- 59 is translated from the German Biblischer Kommentar series.
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  • ISBN 9780800695033
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  • Pages 560
  • Publication Date January 1, 1990

Table of Contents

Translator's Preface
1. The Name of the Book and Its Place in the Canon
2. The Masoretic Text and the Ancient Translations
3. The Psalter as a Collection
4. The Titles of the Psalms
5. The Poetic Form of the Psalms
6. The Categories and Their "Sitz im Leben"
7. The Relation of the Psalms to the History of Israel
8. Concerning the Origin of the Psalms and Their Tradition History
9. On the Theology of the Psalms
10. Excursuses
The Cultic Traditions of Jerusalem
The Glorification of the City of God
The Poor
The Enemies
11. Literature
COMMENTARY on Psalms 1-59
Manuscript Sigla
Hebrew Grammars Cited
Index of Biblical References
Index of Names and Subjects