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Preaching from the Lectionary: An Exegetical Commentary: Stand-alone CD-ROM

Preaching from the Lectionary

An Exegetical Commentary: Stand-alone CD-ROM

Gerard S. Sloyan (Author)


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In this rich and deeply informative resource, one of the most learned and insightful biblical scholars of our time provides an exegetical analysis of each lectionary passage from the Revised Common Lectionary and the Lectionary for Mass for each Sunday and major feasts in the three-year cycle.

Preceded by an essay on biblical preaching, Sloyan's astute work attempts to achieve the "plain sense" (Luther) or "literal sense" (Aquinas) of each text, largely through modern historical-critical exegesis. He deftly situates each reading in its historical background and its liturgical setting, as well as within its larger scriptural world through multiple cross-references and allusions. Usable within the whole range of lectionary traditions, Sloyan's work is now available on CD-ROM with the full text (fully searchable) and instant access to each biblical passage referenced. Those entrusted with the preaching task have an extremely valuable commentary made even more usable through the tools available on CD-ROM.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format CD-ROM
  • ISBN 9780800696818
  • Publication Date May 1, 2010



    YEAR A
    Season of Advent
    Season of Christmas
    Season of Epiphany
    Season of Lent
    Season of Easter
    Season after Pentecost (Ordinary Time)

    YEAR B
    Season of Advent
    Season of Christmas
    Season of Epiphany
    Season of Lent
    Season of Easter
    Season after Pentecost
    Sundays of the Year

    YEAR C
    Season of Advent
    Season of Christmas
    Season of Epiphany
    Season of Lent
    Season of Easter
    Season after Pentecost (Ordinary Time)
    Feasts of Jesus, Mary, and the Saints


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''This book is a testament to a remarkable career in the service of the ecumenical church. As always, Gerard Sloyan uses the best critical tools in the most positive way in the task of making the biblical texts accessible to the minister who must unpack them and build from them in the homily or sermon. A most erudite scholar, Sloyan also studs his commentary with pithy but useful references to church fathers, theologians, and occasional contemporary events. If the preacher has but one commentary on the lectionary on his shelf, this one will remain durable for years to come.''
—Frank C. Senn, Pastor, Immanual Lutheran Church, Evanston, Illinois
President, The Liturgical Conference
Author of Christian Liturgy

''Many preachers will find this one-volume commentary on the diverse readings of our shared lectionaries to be just what they have needed. Written by Gerard Sloyan with his characteristic scholarly integrity, literary sensitivity, liturgical awareness, and ecumenical depth, the book should become a standard biblical reference.''
—Gordon W. Lathrop
Charles A. Schieren Professor of Liturgy
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Author of Holy People

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