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Diasporic Feminist Theology: Asia and Theopolitical Imagination

Diasporic Feminist Theology

Asia and Theopolitical Imagination

Namsoon Kang (Author), Namsoon Kang (Author)


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Diasporic Feminist Theology attempts to construct feminist theology by adopting diaspora as a theopolitical and ethical metaphor. Namsoon Kang here revisits and reexamines today’s significant issues such as identity politics, dislocation, postmodernism, postcolonialism, neo-empire, and Asian values, and constructs diasporic, transethnic, and glocal feminist theological discourses that create spaces of transformation, reconciliation, hospitality, worldliness, solidarity, and border-traversing. This work draws on diverse sources from contemporary critical discourses of diaspora studies, cultural studies, ethnic studies, postmodernism, postcolonialism, and feminism and feminist theology from a transterritorial space.

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  • ISBN 9781451472981
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  • Pages 224
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Publication Date November 1, 2014


1. Identity, Différance, and Alterity: Deconstructive Mediation of Identity Politics
2. Asia as Theopolitical Imagination: A Postcolonial Reading of Orientalism and Neo-Orientalism
3. Radical Border-Traversing: Postcolonial Feminist Theology
4. From Epistemology to Hermeneutics: Theopolitical Implication of Postmodernism
5. Out of Places: Feminist Theology of Dislocation in a Global Context
6. Glocal Feminist Theology in an Era of Neo-Empires
7. Transethnic Feminist Theology in an Era of Globalization
8. Negotiating the Alternative: Women’s Choice of Christianity in a Non-Christian World
9. Resurgence of Asian Values: Confucian Comeback and Its Embodiment in Christianity
10. Politics of Diaspora and the Critic on the Fringes: Diasporic Feminist Theology


"Not just a definitive reconfiguration of feminist theology for a cosmopolitical future but of theology itself, these essays exhibit the width and wisdom, the deconstructive creativity, of a leading thinker. Namsoon Kang is harvesting a sophisticated yet accessible vision born of seeds scattered—diaspora—over a planet."
—Catherine Keller
Drew Theological School 

"While the primary point of entry for this exploration of Diasporic Feminist Theology is gender, Namsoon Kang has examined gender in groundbreaking, complex ways. With her analysis of globalization and the deep and continuing problems of Western colonialist power, she provides a critically important look at the limitations of Western white worldviews as they impact feminist theology across the board. Yet as a Korean feminist theologian, she refuses to romanticize non-Western feminism, providing a fascinating account of the patriarchal nature of Confucianism, which has profoundly shaped Korean worldviews. This is a must-read for feminist theologians and anyone who cares about justice and globalization."
—Mary McClintock Fulkerson
Duke Divinity School

"Exciting and engaging, this important book pushes the envelope of feminist theology and addresses the most critical issues we face today. It is a must-read for anyone searching for new ways to do theology in an age of globalization. I highly recommend it."
Kwok Pui-lan
Episcopal Divinity School


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