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American Religious Traditions: The Shaping of Religion in the United States: Stand-alone CD-ROM

American Religious Traditions

The Shaping of Religion in the United States: Stand-alone CD-ROM

Richard E. Wentz (Author)

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In this fully revised and enhanced edition of his Religion in the New World (Fortress Press, 1990), Wentz extends and deepens his successful account of the shaping of America's diverse religious traditions. Using religious studies categories, such as myth, legend, symbol, and ritual, Wentz sketches the development and flowering of all the traditions—Native American, Reformed, Puritan, Roman Catholic, Restorationist—that proved decisive for American religion. The book extensively treats indigenous American figures and movements, including women, Native Americans, and Mormons, as well as Asian, African, and Islamic traditions. It also includes more material on Transcendentalism and Unitarian Universalism, public religion, and contemporary American Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims.

This product includes the full text of the book, chapter summaries, discussion questions, and Web resources.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format CD-ROM
  • ISBN 9780800696832
  • Publication Date May 1, 2010


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"For Americans in search of their religious identity, Wentz's work invites them to explore anew America's vast religious landscape."
—Walter H. Capps, University of California

''Wentz commands his subject, and he is a sympathetic and judicious observer....All in all, [the book] is a splendid achievement and a pleasure to read. It deserves the attention of undergraduates and general readers.''
Church History

''Written in a lively, readable is apparent that the book was forged in the classroom of an accomplished teacher of undergraduates....It persists in introducing the meaning of religion through exploration of diverse religious traditions. The book merits wide reception and use.''
Anglican Theological Review

''Any thoughtful reader will learn a great deal about most of the religious traditions that have thrived within the American experience....The book is well written, carefully organized, learned, and it will take its place as an important contribution to the literature of the field.''
Theological Studies