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Christian Understandings of Christ: The Historical Trajectory

Christian Understandings of Christ

The Historical Trajectory

David H. Jensen (Author), Denis R. Janz (Editor)

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David Jensen offers an engaging tour through more than two millennia of thought on Christ. From the earliest portrayals to contemporary Christologies, Jensen outlines the myriad beliefs, developments, and questions encompassing the attempts to understand Christianity’s most central—and most mysterious—figure.

  • ISBN 9781451482768
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  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 300
  • Publication Date April 2, 2019


David H. Jensens's excellent summaries interspersed with insightful commentary make for highly rewarding reading.

Jesus is reported to have asked his disciples, ‘Who do you say that I am?’ David H. Jensen has given us an illuminating and accessible overview of how Christians have answered this question, from New Testament times to the present. With skill and care, he locates each author in their context and highlights their key ideas and emphasis. His excellent summaries interspersed with insightful commentary make for highly rewarding reading. The number, range, and variety of Christologies presented here from around the globe is amazing. If you’ve ever wondered what Christians have thought of Jesus, this book is for you.

Don Schweitzer | St. Andrew's College, Saskatoon, Canada

A reliable guide for undergraduate students and curious others.

The Christian community exists in order to keep alive a question once attributed to Jesus of Nazareth—‘Who do you say that I am?’ While every generation is invited to answer that question for themselves, any responsible answer will not ignore how those before us have attempted their own response to and interpretation of this figure who remains uncaptured by any one tradition or time. To that end, Jensen has provided a theologically alert survey of many such voices. Written with extraordinary clarity, this book is a reliable guide for undergraduate students and curious others.

Jason Goroncy | Whitley College, Melbourne, Australia

A refreshing account of Christian understandings of Christ

Magisterial in scope and highly accessible in both its prose and theological explication, this book offers a refreshing account of Christian understandings of Christ. In Jensen's hands, the insights and innovations of both well-known and lesser-known thinkers from across the centuries and continents are generously and astutely rendered. This is Christology come alive.

Darby Ray | Bates College