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Healing the Schism: Barth, Rosenzweig, and the New Jewish-Christian Encounter

Healing the Schism

Barth, Rosenzweig, and the New Jewish-Christian Encounter

Jennifer M. Rosner (Author)

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Two paradigm shifts hallmark Jewish-Christian relations in the twentieth century: the collapse of “Christendom” and the Holocaust. From within these shifts, reassessment of the Jewish-Christian relationship emerged. Over the second half of the twentieth century, a new theological account of that relationship has been constructed—one of recognition and reconciling encounter. That work is built largely on the legacy of two pioneering theologians: Karl Barth and Franz Rosenzweig. Healing the Schism attempts to map out the new Jewish-Christian encounter from its nascent origins in the work of these thinkers to its current state at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The goal in this study is threefold: first, to trace key influences in the theological genesis of this developing strand of Jewish-Christian dialogue; second, to outline dominant features of its present incarnation; and finally, to identify potential future directions for this trajectory. Ultimately, the key insight lies in the way these theologians redefine the relationship between Judaism and Christianity while maintaining a commitment to their own respective communities and theological convictions. This volume, thus, offers a constructive vision of Jewish-Christian encounter that affirms the irrevocable election of Israel and the universal, ecclesially mediated saving mission of Christ.

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  • Publication Date January 15, 2016


"How do Jews and Christians understand each other in the wake of the Holocaust, the establishment of the state of Israel, and the rise of Messianic Judaism? What is the relation of Jewish practice to Christian claims that the Jewish messiah has come? No theologian can answer these questions without careful attention to Barth, Rosenzweig, Kinzer, and—now—
Jennifer M. Rosner."

Gerald R. McDermott | Beeson Divinity School

"This is the finest piece of theological work yet to emerge from the Messianic Jewish movement. Reflecting on the relationship between the Jewish people and the church in critical dialogue with Barth, Rosenzweig, Kinzer, and many others, Rosner addresses in a nuanced and sensitive way questions that go to the heart of both Jewish and Christian faith. More than that: she advances to a new level of clarity and rigor the difficult but needed theological conversation on the problems and promise of Messianic Judaism."

Bruce D. Marshall | Southern Methodist University

"Remember the famous exchange between Karl Barth and Franz Rosenzweig on the significance of Judaism for Christian faith, and of Christianity for Jewish faith? Of course not, because that is one of those great theological conversations that never happened—at least until now. In this exciting book, Jennifer M. Rosner orchestrates a meeting of minds between Barth and Rosenzweig, and she does so with reference to a phenomenon both thinkers foreshadow but neither foresaw: the emergence of theologically articulate Messianic Judaism. A creative and deeply probing work."

R. Kendall Soulen | Wesley Theological Seminary