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How Christianity Came to China: A Brief History

How Christianity Came to China

A Brief History

Kathleen L. Lodwick (Author)

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“The story of the foreign missionaries who served in China between 1809 and 1949 is one of fervent religious commitment and of the loss of faith, of determined perseverance and of angry frustration, of accepting people as they are and of cultural superiority . . . of human kindness and of narrow prejudice, of those who loved China and of those who refused to acknowledge the society in which they lived, of those who spent their entire adult lives in China and of those who fled home as soon as possible, and of those who admired China and of those who were driven insane by living in China. In short, it is a story of ordinary people with all their good qualities and all their shortcomings.”

In all of its complexity, Kathleen Lodwick tells the story of Christianity in China. It’s essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the contemporary phenomena that is Christianity in China, which some people predict soon will be the country with the largest Christian population in the world. 

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  • Publication Date December 1, 2016


1. Christianity in Inner Asia and Later in China
2. Denominationalism
3. Sociopolitical
4. Geographic
5. Missionary and Chinese Christian Biographies
6. Four Theological Issue in the China Missions