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The Pastor as Moral Guide

The Pastor as Moral Guide

Rebekah L. Miles (Author)

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Adultery, divorce, racism, teen pregnancy, white-collar crime, living wills—these are among the many complex moral issues that Christians face and for which they often seek guidance from their pastors. This book is designed to assist pastors in developing their skills in providing moral guidance to their parishioners in a culture characterized by both ethical confusion and increasingly complex moral choices. Rebekah Miles, a gifted thinker and writer, guides the reader through the landscape of the moral life and offers a simple but profound map of the moral terrain along with practical tools to enable pastoral caregivers to serve more effectively as moral guides.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • ISBN 9780800631369
  • Format Paperback
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8
  • Pages 152
  • Publication Date March 11, 1999

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- Perplexed but Not Driven to Despair: Maps of the Moral Landscape
Chapter 2 -- Being Doers of the Word; Reading Maps and Teaching Map Skills
Chapter 3 -- Good and Faithful Servants: Making Money and Finding Meaning at Work
Chapter 4 -- I Am My Beloved's and My Beloved Is Mine: Marriage and Divorce
Chapter 5 -- Keeping Watch over the Shepherds by Day and Night: Sexual Misconduct and Accountability among Moral Guides