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4D Formation: Exploring Vocation in Community

4D Formation

Exploring Vocation in Community

Drew Tucker (Author)

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Vocation is often loosely defined, reserved for use in churchy sermons and ivory towers. But with a decade of experience in vocational exploration as a campus minister, Drew Tucker has developed an accessible, empowering model for reflection that centers on discovery, discernment, development, and decision making.

In 4D Formation: Exploring Vocation in Community, Tucker builds on his definition of vocation as "meaningful, life-giving work for the world." Speaking directly to vocational explorers, he equips and empowers readers with the confidence and skills to examine, clarify, and affirm their purpose and identity, and ultimately to experience God's presence in and purpose for their lives.

Tucker addresses four key aspects of vocation. First, vocation is ultimately where our purposes align with God's purpose in ways that are life-giving for us and others. Second, as we explore our vocation, we incorporate the wisdom of mentors, the teachings of Scripture, and the experiences of others. Third, in our vocations our convictions meet our neighbor in need, often calling forth difficult yet deeply meaningful commitments. Finally, much like walking a prayer labyrinth, vocational exploration involves clear practices, yet leaves room for the numinous.

Incorporating wisdom from multiple religious traditions and worldviews, Tucker writes for young adults, who are often struggling with the confusing and demanding task of identity formation, and for anyone dealing with life transitions, such as career change, family transition, illness, home moves, and the like. 4D Formation gives readers the courage to risk deep exploration and an encounter with God in that journey.

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506473987
  • eBook ISBN 9781506473994
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 175
  • Publication Date August 9, 2022


"When it comes to vocation, Andrew Tucker is all in. There aren't many books on the subject that you might call passionate, even courageous, and practical. This is one of them. I am well past the beginning stage of a career, but I found his discussion of the difference between vocation and identity to be helpful. You can still be you, even if your future is unclear. For anyone who is on the way--and that's many of us--this book will be a wonderful source of guidance."

Richard Lischer, author of Just Tell the Truth: A Call to Faith, Hope, and Courage

"Drew Tucker is one of those voices moving the collective thought of progressive Christianity forward. It's not often these days that straight, white, Christian men have a sincere grassroots impact on their diverse communities, but Tucker makes the leap and is attentive to his role in lifting and launching others. Between his contribution to The Deconstructionists Playbook and his work sculpting young minds at the university level, he has proven himself in 4D Formation to be a thought leader and guiding light."

Crystal Cheatham (she/her), Black queer Christian; creator of Our Bible App; host of the podcast Lord Have Mercy; and coeditor of The Deconstructionists Playbook: An Anthology

"Not since Parker Palmer's Let Your Life Speak have I read such a helpful and compelling guide for discerning life's callings. Part practical, part personal, part pastoral, and entirely profound, 4D Formation accompanies readers in their journey through discovery, discernment, development, and decision-making. I especially appreciate Drew Tucker's full inclusion of multiple religious and secular voices, even as he plumbs the depths of his own Christian worldview. This book will help you live life well, and the world will flourish as a result."

Jason A. Mahn, author of Neighbor Love through Fearful Days: Finding Purpose and Meaning in a Time of Crisis

"Tucker gives us a clear challenge and opportunity to discover, engage, and connect with our very reason for being."

Lamont Anthony Wells, director, LuMin Network/ELCA Campus Ministry, and president, African Descent Lutheran Association (ELCA)

"How many times in life have you been stymied, uncertain about what to do next? It happens to all of us, from children to people well into their retirement years. While Tucker writes from the perspective of a teacher, pastor, and mentor of college students, he knows that discerning how to spend our days in meaningful and life-giving ways is a seasonal, if not a daily decision. His writing is rich, artistic, and clear--and his thoughts are drawn from the deep wells of religion, philosophy, psychology, science, and race and gender studies. Filled with pertinent anecdotes and wisdom gained from hearing and dealing with intense questions about vocation and identity, 4D Formation offers indispensable guidance for those who are seeking to determine their next step."

Clay Schmit, professor of preaching, Emmanuel Academies, Naples, Florida