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Under the editorial guidance of Paul Rorem, Benjamin B. Warfield Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Princeton Theological Seminary, Lutheran Quarterly provides excellent historical and theological scholarship to Lutheran teachers, clergy, missionaries, and students.

Lutheran Quarterly Books, formerly published by Eerdmans, emphasizes Lutheran theology and the history of doctrine, as seen in the three titles by Gerhard Forde, two volumes by Oswald Bayer, and two collections of essays on Luther’s teachings edited by Timothy Wengert.

Associate Editors for Lutheran Quarterly and Lutheran Quarterly Books are Timothy J. Wengert of Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (emeritus), Mark Mattes of Grand View University in Des Moines, and Mary Jane Haemig of Luther Seminary in St. Paul.


  • The Augsburg Confession: Renewing Lutheran Faith and Practice

    The Augsburg Confession: Renewing Lutheran Faith and Practice

    Timothy J. Wengert (Author)

    The Augsburg Confession is the single most-important confession of faith among Lutherans today. However, it is often taught either from a historical perspective or from a dogmatic one. Timothy J. Wengert situates the history and the theology of this document within the practice and life of faith and so shows just how relevant the Confession's witness is for today's Lutheran parishes and their leaders.


  • Stories from Global Lutheranism: A Historical Timeline

    Stories from Global Lutheranism: A Historical Timeline

    Martin J. Lohrmann (Author)

    In an engaging and accessible style, Matrtin J. Lohrmann introduces readers to fascinating glimpses of faith, courage, and love in action within the global Lutheran community that now numbers over 70 million members in churches worldwide. This growth matches the expansive view of the church universal that the Reformers held when they presented the Augsburg Confession in 1530.