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Theories of Culture: A New Agenda for Theology

Theories of Culture

A New Agenda for Theology

Kathryn Tanner (Author)


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Since the 1970s exciting new directions in the study of culture have erupted to critique and displace earlier, largely static notions. These more dynamic models stress the indeterminate, fragmented, even conflictual character of cultural processes and completely alter the framework for thinking theologically about them.

In fact, Tanner argues, the new orientation in cultural theory and anthropology affords fresh opportunities for religious thought and opens new vistas for theology, especially on how Christians conceive of the theological task, theological diversity and inculturation, and even Christianity's own cultural identity.
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  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800630973
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 208
  • Publication Date October 2, 1997



    Part One: The Notion of Culture

  1. The History of "Culture"
    The Cultured Person
    Cultured Society
    Cultural Evolutionism
    Transition to an Anthropological Sense

  2. The Modern Meaning of Culture
    Basic Elements
    Methods of Study and the Object They Construct
    Aims of Analysis

  3. Criticism and Reconstruction

    Part Two: Culture and Theology

  4. The Nature and Tasks of Theology
    Theology as a Part of Culture
    Theology in Everyday Life and as a Specialized Activity
    Academic Theology in Relation to the Everyday
    The Basic Operations of Both

  5. Christian Culture and Society
    Christian Identity in Social Terms
    Christian Identity in Virtue of a Cultural Boundary

  6. Commonalities in Christian Practice
    Shared Conceptions vs. Shared Concerns
    Christian Identity as a Task

  7. Diversity and Creativity in Theological Judgment
    The Interpretation of Diversity
    Implications for Theological Creativity
    Is the Idea of Cultural Conditioning Necessarily Conservative?
    The Proper Mean

    Recommended Reading


"The importance of culture theory to theological method cannot be overestimated. Tanner's pathbreaking book shows how Christian identity, continuity, and boundaries can be reconceived in light of postmodern culture theory."
—Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Duke University Divinity School