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Luther's Works, Volume 43: Devotional Writings II

Luther's Works, Volume 43

Devotional Writings II

Martin Luther (Author), Gustav K. Wiencke (Editor)


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These are not devotional writings in the sense of being edifying discourses or daily meditations for the cultivation of general spiritual sensitivity. Rather they are concrete expressions of evangelical faith and piety written by Luther the Pastor to deal with specific and burning life situations. In a very real sense they are "letters of spiritual counsel." The contents of this volume cover the years between 1522 (the year after the Diet of Worms) and 1545 (the year before Luther's death).

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  • Publication Date January 1, 1968

Table of Contents

General Editors' Preface
Introduction to Volume 43
Personal Prayer Book, 1522
A Letter to Hans von Rechenberg, 1522
A Letter of Consolation to All who Suffer Persecution, 1522
To All Christians in Worms, 1523
How God Rescued an Honorable Nun, 1524
A Christian Letter of Consolation to the People of Miltenberg, 1524
Whether One May Flee from a Deadly Plague, 1527
A Letter of Consolation to the Christians at Halle, 1527
Sayings in Which Luther Found Comfort, 1530
That a Christian Should Bear His Cross with Patience, 1530
A Simple Way to Pray, 1535
Appeal for Prayer Against the Turks, 1541
Comfort for Women who Have Had a Miscarriage, 1542
To the Saxon Princes, 1545