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The Riddles of the Fourth Gospel: An Introduction to John

The Riddles of the Fourth Gospel

An Introduction to John

Paul N. Anderson (Author)


Paul Anderson, a leading scholar of the Fourth Gospel, provides an introductory textbook, crafted for a semester course, which leads students through literary, historical, and theological aspects of the Fourth Gospel's most vexing puzzles. Traditional, historical-critical, and literary-critical approaches are deftly introduced and their limitations evaluated; questions of the Gospel's authorship, composition, relationship to the Synoptics, and origins in particular historical experiences are succinctly addressed; and distinctive Johannine perspectives on Jesus, the church, and the world are discussed.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800604271
  • eBook ISBN 9781451415551
  • Pages 288
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Publication Date April 1, 2011


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"I love this book, which now constitutes the intro volume for serious students of the Fourth Gospel! I can't think of any question that Anderson has not raised and addressed, with his typical acuity and thoroughness. For scholarly and popular readers alike, this is now the "go–to" book for those undertaking a study of this powerful Gospel."
—Jaime Clark–Soles
Associate Professor of New Testament
Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

"This is the most comprehensive introductory textbook yet for courses on the Gospel of John. Paul Anderson crisply summarizes the theological, historical, and literary issues posed by the Gospel and develops a "bi–optic" approach that takes "both–and" rather than "either–or" solutions to long–standing debates in Johannine scholarship. It is going to be fun to watch classes awaken to this intriguing gospel while this introduction poses one "riddle" after another for them."
—R. Alan Culpepper
Dean, McAfee School of Theology
Mercer University

"John's gospel invites readers into a dialog that can last a lifetime. In this engaging introduction, Paul Anderson explores some of the most important aspects of the Fourth Gospel. By asking questions of its theology, historical character, and literary quality, he offers a welcome treatment of the gospel that helps contemporary readers encounter it in a multidimensional way."
—Craig Koester
Professor of New Testament
Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

"One of the most helpful introductions to most of the key academic discussions of the Fourth Gospel, this well–designed and easy–to–follow work is ideal for classroom use. Anderson is cognizant of and respectful toward the wide range of diverse approaches, holds in wise tension complementary streams of evidence within the Fourth Gospel and early Christianity, and offers his own insightful contributions for Johannine studies."
—Craig Keener
Professor of New Testament
Palmer Theological Seminary–Seminary of Eastern University


Author Paul Anderson discusses complexity of the Gospel of John