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Jesus and Community: The Social Dimensions of Christian Faith

Jesus and Community

The Social Dimensions of Christian Faith

Gerhard Lohfink (Author), John P. Galvin (Translator)


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The author calls the present-day church to once again be the "contrast society," which attracts non-believers by living what it preaches and by being different without being narrowly sectarian.
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  • Publication Date October 1, 1984


"Critical theology has long asked emphatically if the historical Jesus really founded a church. Yet it has become increasingly clear that this question is posed in the wrong way. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that Jesus could not have founded a church since there had long been one -- God's people, Israel. Jesus directed his efforts to Israel. He sought to gather it in view of the coming reign of God and to make it into the true people of God. What we now call church is nothing other than the community of those ready to live in the people of God, gathered by Jesus and sanctified by his death. From this perspective, it is foolish to look to the historical Jesus for a formal act of founding the church."
--from the Preface

Table of Contents

Translator's Preface


Introduction: The Heritage of Individualism

I. Jesus and Israel

1. The Preaching of the Baptist
2. The Institution of the Twelve
3. The Sick Members of the People of God
4. The Prayer for Gathering in the Our Father
5. The Pilgrimage of the Nations
6. The Crisis of Israel
7. Death for the Many
8. The Reign of God and the People of God

II: Jesus and His Disciples

1. The Circle of Disciples
2. The Sermon on the Mount
3. The New Family
4. The End of the Fathers
5. The Renunciation of Violence
6. The Light Burden
7. The City on the Hill
8. Jesus' Will for Community

III: The New Testament Communities in the Discipleship of Jesus

1. The Church as the People of God
2. The Presence of the Spirit
3. The Elimination of Social Barriers
4. The Praxis of "Togetherness"
5. Brotherly Love
6. The Renunciation of Domination
7. The Church as Contrast-Society
8. The Sign for the Nations

IV: The Ancient Church in the Discipleship of Jesus

1. The People from the Peoples
2. The Religion of Healing
3. Christian Fraternity
4. God's Contrast-Society
5. The Christian Refusal
6. The Church and War
7. The Fulfillment of Isaiah 2
8. The Confirmation of Truth through Praxis

Postscript: The Heritage of Augustine