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The Religion of Jesus the Jew

The Religion of Jesus the Jew

Geza Vermes (Author)


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The leading Jewish scholar of the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls trains his attention on Jesus' own religious life—his teaching, preaching, and practice.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800627973
  • Dimensions 5.25 x 8.5
  • Pages 256
  • Publication Date March 1, 1993


"This book completes a remarkable trilogy.... The basic premise on which the project is founded is that a careful and impartial reconstruction of Jesus himself.... Where Bultmann rejects anything which makes Jesus like his Jewish contemporaries. Vermes's portrait of Jesus is so credible—even, at times, arresting. Many readers may find that Jesus comes freshly alive in the light of parallels, expertly assembled, in Josephus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and rabbinic literature."
— A.E. Harvey, Times Literary Supplement

"Geza Vermes gives us a Jesus who is ready to claim his place in the line of great Jewish people of God, irrespective of what later became his teaching. The low-key, meticulous fair-minded investigations [of Vermes] have a way of shaking things up, so that they never look the same again. The book which crowns his labors in the field has compelling power by virtue of its double technique: an enormously clever, case-by-case analysis flows into a majestic and impassioned argument.... The readings in this book are more open-minded and more observant than any that have gone before [and] have a new depth, because a rich seam of first-century Jewish thought is minded with masterly skill."
— Tessa Rajak, Judaism Today

Table of Contents


  1. Jesus the Jew and his Gospel
  2. Jesus and the Law: The Judaism of Jesus
  3. Jesus the Teacher: Scriptural and Charismatic Authority
  4. Proverbs and Parables
  5. Jesus and the Kingdom of God
  6. 'Abba, Fther': The God of Jesus
  7. Jesus the Religious Man
  8. The Religion of Jesus and Christianity

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