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The Way of Jesus Christ: Christology in Messianic Dimensions

The Way of Jesus Christ

Christology in Messianic Dimensions

Jürgen Moltmann (Author)

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The Way of Jesus Christ discusses the following topics:

1. The symbol of the way embodies the aspect of process and brings out christology's alignment towards its goal. This symbol can comprehend Christ's way from his birth in the Spirit and his baptism in the Spirit to his self-surrender on Golgotha. It also makes it possible to understand the path of Christ as the way leading from his resurrection to his parousia—the way he takes in the Spirit to Israel, to the nations, and into the breadth and depth of the cosmos.

2. The symbol of the way makes us aware that every human christology is historically conditioned and limited. Every human christology is a 'christology of the way,' not yet a 'christology of the home country,' a christology of faith, not yet a christology of sight. So christology is no more than the beginning of eschatology; and eschatology, as the Christian faith understands it, is always the consummation of christology.

3. Finally, but not least important: every way is an invitation. A way is something to be followed. 'The way of Jesus Christ' is not merely a christological category. It is an ethical category too. Anyone who enters upon Christ's way will discover who Jesus really is; and anyone who really believes in Jesus and the Christ of God will follow him along the way he himself took. Christology and christopraxis find one another in the full and completed knowledge of Christ. This christology links dogmatics and ethics in closer detail than in the previous volumes.
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  • Publication Date August 21, 1995


"An event – this study of "Christology in messianic dimensions' has a massive strength which will secure its place alongside Moltmann's earlier book ... This book has a unity and a freshness which will make it a must for fans and a possibility for novices."
– David L. Edwards, Church Times

Table of Contents

Translator's Note

I The Messianic Perspective
1. The Genesis of the Messianic Hope
2. The Grove of the Messianic Figure
3. Messianic Categories
4. Christology in Jewish—Christian Dialogue

II Trends and Transmutations in Christology
1. The Identity of Christology and Its Relevance
2. The Theme and Scheme of Cosmological Christology
3. The Theme and Scheme of Anthropological Christology
4. Christology in the Contradictions of Scientific and Technological Civilization

III The Messianic Mission of Christ
1. Spirit Christology
2. Christ's Birth in the Spirit
3. Christ's Baptism in the Spirit
4. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the Poor
5. The Healing of the Sick—the Expulsion of Demons
6. The Acceptance of the Outcasts—the Raising Up of the Humiliated
7. The Messianic Way of Life
8. Jesus—The Messianic Person in His Becoming

IV The Apocalyptic Sufferings of Christ
1. The Apocalyptic Horizon of World History
2. The Human Sufferings of Christ: What Death Did Jesus Die?
3. The Divine Sufferings of Christ: Where is God?
4. Righteousness from the Sufferings of Christ: Why Did Christ Die?
5. The Fellowship of Christ's Sufferings: Martyrology Today
6. The Remembrance of Christ's Sufferings

V The Eschatological Resurrection of Christ
1. The Genesis and Unique Character of the Christian Faith in the Resurrection
2. History and the Resurrection of Christ: the Theological Problem
3. The Resurrection of Christ and History: the Historical Problem
4. Nature and the Resurrection of Christ: the Theological Problem
5. The Resurrection of Christ and Nature: the Natural Problem
6. Becoming Alive in the Spirit of the Resurrection: the Uniting of What has been Separated

VI The Cosmic Christ
1. 'The Greater Christ'
2. Christ—the Ground of Creation
3. Christ—Evolution's Driving Force or Its Victim?
4. Christ—the Redeemer of Evolution The Counter-Movement
5. The Community of Creation is a Community based on Law

VII The Parousia of Christ
1. A Little Apologia for the Expectation of the Parousia
2. 'The Coming One'
3. 'The Day of the Lord'
4. 'From thence he shall come...': the Category of Heaven
5. ' judge both the quick and the dead'
6. Expectant Creativity: the Expectation of the Parousia and Affirmed Embodiment

Index of Names
Index of Confessions, Creeds, and Other Documents