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Unholy Alliance: Religion and Atrocity in Our Time

Unholy Alliance

Religion and Atrocity in Our Time

Marc H. Ellis (Author)


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Tragically, religion has often been associated with violence, repression, war, and vengeance. In this searing work Marc Ellis asks, is there God beyond violence?

Ellis's personal quest for religious integrity in the face of evil leads him to probe religious dimensions of both historical violence (in the colonizing of the Americas and the Holocaust) and contemporary eruptions of barbarism in Bosnia, Rwanda, or the Mideast. He also queries the works of prominent contemporary theologians from Moltmann and Ruether to Wiesel and Fackenheim, questioning whether reformist movements might ultimately merely gloss over religious distortions. His uncompromising moral sensitivity poses a frank examination of conscience for all Christians and Jews who seek honestly to engage their tradition and their God.
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  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800630805
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 240
  • Publication Date February 21, 1997


"Ellis is representative of neither the Jewish nor the Christian mainstream. Nevertheless, he is one of the most influential Jewish thinkers of his generation."
— Richard L. Rubenstein

"Marc Ellis is emerging as perhaps the most important contemporary Jewish theologian."
— Rosemary Radford Ruether

Table of Contents

    Prologue: Religion and the Cyle of Atrocity

  1. We Who Come After: The Eruption of Barbarism and the Jewish Search for God
    The Broken Covenant
    Crimes against the Future
    The Loss of Jewish Innocence
    The Inverted Shema

  2. Subverting the Religion of the Conqueror: Evangelization, Resistance, and the Judgment of God
    Jewish Power, Christian Power
    Rescuing Christianity
    Confronting the Ecumenical Deal
    The Christianity of the Conquered
    Theology and the Struggle of African Americans
    Evangelization at Gunpoint
    A Negotiated Surrender

  3. In the Shadow of Christian Life: Atrocity and the Concentric Tradition of Reading
    Gospel of Treblinka/Book of Palestine
    The Moral Core of Judaism and Christianity
    Atrocity and the Task of Theology

  4. God of Life, God of Death: Renewal, Ecumenism, and the Debate without End
    Attempts at Christian Renewal
    The God of Life
    Indigenous Jewish Life
    Breaking the Silence

  5. God in an Age of Atrocity
    Judaism and Christianity beyond God
    A Fateful Meeting
    A Deeper Bond of Suffering
    The Possibility of More Truth
    Is There an End to Atrocity?
    The Future of Martyrdom

    Epilogue: At the Eschatological End of Humanity