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Mother Church: Ecclesiology and Ecumenism

Mother Church

Ecclesiology and Ecumenism

Carl E. Braaten (Author)


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Carl Braaten here issues an energetic call for a truly ecumenical church, including a Lutheran rationale for recovery of the historical episcopacy and papal primacy as servants of the gospel.

Quoting Augustine's dictum that "You cannot have God for your father unless you have the church for your mother," Braaten writes of the church's place in the divine scheme of things and of the various modernisms that distort or hide the classical Christian tradition. Tracing his own ecumenical journey, he outlines an ecclesiology of communion and advances specific proposals for enhancing Christian unity in liturgy, spirituality, and church polity. The confessing movement named after Martin Luther he views in terms of its basic intent to reform and renew the church, not to start a new Christianity in a multiplicity of separate denominations.

Vigorous, provocative, well and clearly argued, Braaten's case is a formidable and timely contribution to the ecumenical debate.
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  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800630829
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 176
  • Publication Date April 24, 1998

Table of Contents

    The Century of the Church

  1. The Tragedy of the Reformation and the Return to Catholicity

  2. The Tragedy of the Reformation
    The New Catholic View of Luther
    Evangelical Catholicity
    The End of the Protestant Era?
    Basic Differences
    The Church We Long For
  3. The Reunited Church of the Future

  4. The Underdeveloped Doctrine of the Church
    The Structural Problem of the Church
    The Gospel and Church Order
    Ecclesiastical Office and Apostolic Succession
    The Relativity of the Church
    The Anachronism of Authoritarianism
    Change in Eschatological Perspective
  5. The Kingdom of God and the Church

  6. The Quest for an Adequate Eschatology
    The Eschatological Horizon of the Church in History
    Permanent Tensions in the Doctrine of the Church
  7. The Gospel and the Crisis of Authority

  8. Authority and Freedom in the Church
    The Pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic Model of Authority
    Biblicism and Historical Criticism
    The Retreat to Confessionalism
    The Mystical Way
    A Perennial Paradigm
  9. The Teaching Authority of the Church

  10. Models of the Church
    An Evangelical Catholic View of Lutheran Identity
    Satis est Reductionism
    Orthodoxy and Heresy
  11. Jesus and the Church: An Essay on Ecclesial Hermeneutics

  12. The Third Quest of the Historical Jesus
    A Theological Critique of the Historical Jesus Project
    Elements of Ecclesial Hermeneutics
    The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church
  13. Doing Theology for the Church under the Authority of Scripture

  14. Two Ways of Doing Theology
    Signals of Transcendence
    The Principle of Referentiality
    Revelation and Salvation
    The Authority of Scripture
    A Chalcedonian Hermeneutic
  15. The Future of Lutheranism in America

  16. The Legacy of Protestant Liberalism
    The Progestantization of Lutheranism in America
    A Proposal for the Future

    Index of Persons and Subjects