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Boundary Leaders: Leadership Skills for People of Faith

Boundary Leaders

Leadership Skills for People of Faith

Gary R. Gunderson (Author)


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A major challenge for religious communities today lies in harnessing the commitment and energy of religious people to address larger societal issues. Key to such efforts are people who are willing to live and learn ''at the boundaries'' where secular meets religious, public meets private, and subcultures meet each other. ''A way of life on the boundaries, lived in community and faith, finds a broad menu of possibilities,'' says Gunderson.

Writing for clergy and lay people and other community groups, Gunderson employs his expertise from years of leading and coordinating work at the Carter Center and elsewhere to improve the quality of life in local communities. He discusses the five important traits leaders must cultivate, centered on knowledge, commitment, integrity, relationship, and the future.
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  • ISBN 9780800631949
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  • Publication Date August 10, 2004


"Gary Gunderson invites us to find our 'secret name' as boundary leader. Start this journey. The religious leader/the civic leader must meet on the boundary and accompany our society through healing and transformation. There is urgency to this task. Get going!"
—Susan Thistlethwaite, President Emerita, Chicago Theological Seminary