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En la Lucha / In the Struggle: Elaborating a Mujerista Theology, Tenth-Anniversary Edition

En la Lucha / In the Struggle

Elaborating a Mujerista Theology, Tenth-Anniversary Edition

Ada María Isasi-Díaz (Author), Fernando F. Segovia (Author)


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Ten years ago En la Lucha offered the first systematic presentation of mujerista theology – the liberating religious reflection of Hispanic women – giving voice to the everyday struggles and insights of Hispanic women and offering a new form of contextual theology.

Since that time, Isasi-Díaz's work has been widely praised, studied, and emulated in Hispanic and other contextual theologies, and she is widely acknowledged to be mujerista theology's major spokeswoman. This anniversary edition places the central thrust of mujerista theology in the ongoing context of North American society, brings a heightened sense of the specificity and complexity of Hispanic identity, and reflects further on the global implications of the North American Hispanic context. With a new Introduction, updates to each chapter, and new Spanish-language summaries of the chapters, the new edition is a sterling presentation of the sources, aims, and truths of mujerista theology.

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800635992
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 280
  • Language/Translation Spanish
  • Publication Date November 13, 2003


"En la Lucha brings a systematic methodological reflection to the doing of what is and must remain very much the grassroots praxis of Latinas...."
– Rosemary Radford Ruether

"Ada María's book is an affirmation of hope in our struggles for justice. She shows the motives of our journey toward liberation rooted in Latina cultures and our condition as mestiza women.... Her insights will creatively influence both academic and religious communities."
– María Pilar Aquino

"Her most complete and compelling work.... A remarkable achievement. Hers is a conscious, active, and reflective participation in the communal struggle for the fullness of life and self-determination for all Latinas, especially the poor."
Review for Religious

"En la Lucha is the charter document of mujerista theology.... A noteworthy contribution to creative contextually based theology in North America. It is also a sign of the increasingly active role of Hispanic women in North American society and church."
Toronto Journal of Theology

Table of Contents



    Introduction to the Tenth Anniversary Edition:
    Mujerista Theology at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century

    Introducción a la Edición Décimo Aniversario:
    Teologia Mujerista al Comienzo Del Siglo 21

    Introduction to the Original Edition
    Naming Ourselves
    Mujerista Theology and Traditional Classifications in Theology
    The Written English of a Cuban

    Introducción a la Primera Edición
    Nuestro nombre
    La teologia mujerista y las divisiones de la teologia tradicional
    El inglés de esta cubana

  1. Hispanic Ethnicity and SocialLocality in Mujerista Theology
    Identifying Hispanic Women
    Mestizaje – Embracing and Celebrating Diversity
    Survival – Hispanic Women's Daily Bread
    Socioeconomic Reality of Hispanic Women
    Síntesis del Capítulo

  2. Popular Religiosity, Spanish, and Proyecto Histórico: Elements of Latinas' Ethnicity
    Latinas' Preferred Future: Our Proyecto Histórico
    Popular Religiosity as an Element of Mujerista Theology
    Spanish: "The Language of the Angels"
    Latino Ethnicity: Social Construct
    Síntesis del Capítulo

  3. Mujerista Theology's Methods: Understanding and Procedure
    Sociological Methods and Theories
    Mujerista Professional Theologians as Insiders
    Why We Use Ethnography and Meta-Ethnography in Mujerista Theology
    The Ethnographic Interview
    Síntesis del Capítulo

  4. In Their Own Words: Latinas as Moral Agents Who Are These Latinas?
    Initial Explorations of Latinas' Decision-Making Process
    Síntesis del Capítulo

  5. Conscience, Conscientization, and Moral Agency in Mujerista Theology
    Catholic Bishops' Understanding of Conscience Today
    Curtailment of Freedom of Conscience
    Historical Development in the Catholic Tradition
    Conscience in Historical Protestant, Fundamentalist, and Pentecostal Churches
    From Conscience to Moral Consciousness and Conscientization
    Síntesis del Capítulo

  6. Praxis and Lived-Experience in Mujerista Theology
    Praxis in Mujerista Theology
    The Lived-Experience of Latinas
    Grassroot Latinas as Mujerista Theologians
    Síntesis del Capítulo

  7. Mestizaje: Symbol of Hispanic Women's Moral Truth-Praxis
    Understanding and Valuing Differences
    Differences among Hispanic Women
    Hispanic Women Opting for Hispanic Women
    Mestizaje and Hispanic Women's Moral Truth-Praxis
    Síntesis del Capítulo