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Religious Thought and the Modern Psychologies: Second Edition

Religious Thought and the Modern Psychologies

Second Edition

Don S. Browning (Author), Terry D. Cooper (Author)


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The first edition of this book pioneered a broader and deeper critique of psychological theories and practices. Informed by hermeneutical theory, Browning's widely acclaimed work drew attention to the ethical and even religious assumptions underlying psychology and has been deeply influential in psychology, pastoral counseling, and practical theology.

In this edition, Browning and his new co-author show how the field of social science has indeed grasped and appropriated the hermeneutical approach, though with only slight appreciation of the religious dimensions of the social-scientific endeavor. The new first chapter situates the discussion, and the core chapters of the book are updated. Two other new chapters include dialogue with psychotherapeutic theorists and evangelical writers on the relation of theology and psychology. This work will set the stage for the religion-psychology conversation for years to come.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • ISBN 9780800636593
  • Format Paperback
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 302
  • Publication Date June 8, 2004


Praise for the first edition:

''Don Browning has produced a work that will be in the forefront of critical discussions in contemporary theology. The range and critical acuteness of this work deserve the attention of all theologians.''
— David Tracy, University of Chicago Divinity School

''This volume has begun a sound, informative, and insightful conversation at the heart of practical theology that will generate many vital exchanges throughout the field.''
— James E. Loder, Princeton Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

    Preface to the Second Edition
    Preface to the First Edition

  1. Faith and the Modern Psychologies
  2. Vision and Obligation in Christian Anthropology
  3. Metaphors, Models, and Morality in Freud
  4. Self-Actualization and Harmony in Humanistic Psychology
  5. Husbandry and the Common Good in Skinner
  6. Making Judgments about Deep Metaphors and Obligations
  7. Creation and Self-Realization in Jung
  8. Generativity and Care in Erikson and Kohut
  9. Psychology and Society: Toward a Critical Psychological Theory
  10. Reason and Reactivity in Ellis, Beck, and Bowen
  11. Psychology's Relationship with Religion: Toward an Intramural Discussion