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Creation and Double Chaos: Science and Theology in Discussion

Creation and Double Chaos

Science and Theology in Discussion

Sjoerd L. Bonting (Author)


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Scientist and theologian Sjoerd Bonting offers a new overarching framework for thinking about issues in religion and science. He looks at the creation controversy itself, including biblical perspectives, tradtional doctrines, and the particular potential contribution of chaos theory. Finally, Bonting extends this perspective, a combination of chaos theory and chaos theology he calls "double-chaos," into a framework that addresses traditional questions about evil, divine agency, soteriology, the understanding of disease, possible extraterrestrial life, and the future.
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780800637590
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 260
  • Publication Date August 15, 2005


"In this stimulating work, Sjoerd Bonting engages his expertise as scientist and priest to reflect on the mystery of creation in the purposes of God and comes to unconventional conclusions about traditional ideas of divine 'creation out of nothing.'"
— The Rev. Canon Dr. Arthur R. Peacock, 2001 Templeton Prize winner and author of Theology for a Scientific Age

"Making use of recent developments in science, Bonting suggests a new approach to the doctrine of creation. This alternative to both the traditional concept of creatio ex nihilo and to process theology should stimulate work in the science-theology dialogue toward understanding God's creative and saving work in the universe."
— George L. Murphy, Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus and author of The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross (2003), Toward a Christian View of a Scientific World (2001), and Cosmic Witness (1996).

Table of Contents

  1. The science-theology dialogue : how?
  2. The scientific worldview
  3. The theological worldview: creation stories
  4. Creation out of nothing: origin and problems
  5. Contemporary creation theologies
  6. Chaos theology: an alternative creation theology
  7. Chaos theory and chaos events
  8. The problem of evil
  9. God's action in the world
  10. The cosmic Christ: person and work
  11. Human ambivalence: genetic modification
  12. Disease: punishment for sin or chaos event?
  13. Are we alone?: theological implications of possible extraterrestrial intelligent life
  14. Future and destiny: eschatology and chaos theology