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Hermeneia on CD-ROM, Library Edition (4 simultaneous users): A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible

Hermeneia on CD-ROM, Library Edition (4 simultaneous users)

A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible

Fortress Press is discontinuing the sale of  Hermeneia on CD-ROM, Library Edition. Fortress Press is happy to announce that Hermeneia and Continental Commentaries is replacing the Hermeneia on CD-ROM, Library Edition and is available via electronic download from Logos Bible Software.  This new method of delivery allows the user many new features:
-Instant access via any computer (PC or Mac), iPhone, or iPad
-As new commentaries are released update your collection instantly via the internet
-resize font for optimal readability
-For a complete list of features in Logos 4 click here.

To order Hermeneia and Continental Commentaries this title click here.

Hermeneia on CD-ROM captures the full text and apparatus of each volume and adds features that facilitate daily use in scholarship, teaching, and research, including:

  • fully searchable text of all Hermeneia volumes
  • hoverlinks to the NRSV edition of the Bible
  • capability for notetaking, bookmarking, and footnoting

All the previously published Old Testament, New Testament, and extracanonical volumes of this premier Bible commentary are now available on CD-ROM in an extremely useful and navigable electronic format, powered by the Libronix Digital System.

Hermeneia is widely acclaimed for:

  • careful text-critical work by the leading scholars in the field
  • use of extra-biblical (Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman) sources
  • fresh translations of the texts
  • bold yet authoritative interpretations


  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format CD-ROM
  • ISBN 9780800638573
  • Publication Date November 20, 2006