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The Pastoral Epistles: A Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles

The Pastoral Epistles

A Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles

Hans Conzelmann (Author), Martin Dibelius (Author), Helmut Koester (Editor), Philip Buttolph (Translator), Adela Yarbro (Translator)

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There are many English commentaries on these letters, but none so replete with quotations (some quite extensive) from extra-biblical materials, whether Hellenistic, Jewish, or Christian, that bear on the linguistic and conceptual problems the letters contain.

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  • ISBN 9780800660024
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  • Publication Date January 1, 1989

Table of Contents

Foreword to Heremeia
Foreword to the 3rd and 4th German Editions
Reference Codes
Editor's Note

First Epistle to Timothy

Second Epistle to Timothy

The Epistle to Titus




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