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Hosea: A Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Hosea


A Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Hosea

Hans Walter Wolff (Author), Paul D. Hanson (Editor), Gary Stansell (Translator)

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A fascinating commentary on one of the most difficult of the Old Testament prophets.

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780800660048
  • Pages 260
  • Dimensions 8.25 x 9.25
  • Publication Date January 1, 1988

Table of Contents

1. The Period
2. The Prophet Himself
3. The Language of Hosea
4. The Theology of Hosea
5. The Transmission of Hosea's Prophecy

The Commentary
The Title of the Book
The Prophets Family
The Great Day of Jezreel
Legal Proceedings Against Unfraithful Israel
The Day of the New Covenant
Now Yahweh's Love Works
Yahweh's Lawsuit Against Israel
A Spirit of Whoredom in Israel's Worship
The Teacher of the Unrepentant
Return in the Midst of Collapse?
Sow the Wind and Reap the Whirlwind
The End of the Festivals
Ephraim's Glory Has Vanished
Shattered Altars
War -- The Fruit of False Trust
Love's Consequences
Betrayal of the Prophetic Word
Israel's Revolt Against Her Deliverer
The Healing of Spontaneous Love
The Traditionist's Conclusion

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