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The Didache: A Commentary

The Didache

A Commentary

Kurt Niederwimmer (Author), Harold W. Attridge (Editor)

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One hundred twenty-five years ago, Philotheos Bryennios discovered the text of the Didache in an eleventh-century manuscript version. In 1883 he edited the manuscript for publication, and its special fascination for scholars remains undiminished. One of the oldest extracanonical Christian documents, the Didache's origins can be traced to the first century. It is apparently a catechism, intended to provide basic instruction in the Christian lifestyle and worship for persons preparing for baptism.

The Didache exhibits fascinating echoes of Jesus' teaching in its Matthean form, along with rare glimpses into the life of an early Christian community--its values, its observance of the Eucharist, its leaders, and the character of its hope.

Niederwimmer's wonderful commentary is a model of clarity and learning and a splendid addition to this premier commentary series.

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  • Publication Date November 2, 1998


"The premier biblical commentary series in the English-speaking world today." --The Catholic Biblical Quarterly Survey


(excerpted from Interpretation, vol. 53, 1999)

"This excellent commentary on the Didache finally makes Niederwimmer's scholarly German work available to an English-speaking audience. Niederwimmer reveals extensive research and solid scholarship. . . .

"He carefully explicates the text's four major sections: baptismal catechesis, liturgy, church order, and eschatology. . . .

"It would be especially effective for teaching a class concerning sacramental meals, rituals, and church order in the early Christian communities."