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Wrestling with the Questions: An Introduction to Contemporary Theologies

Wrestling with the Questions

An Introduction to Contemporary Theologies

Gregory C. Higgins (Author)


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One of the best ways of introducing theology is through direct student engagement with the most exciting works of contemporary religious reflection. We can learn to think theologically from the giants. Gregory Higgins' work, a fresh edition of his earlier The Tapestry of Christian Theology, does just that. Loosely arranging his work around ten key biblical themes, Higgins catches the spirit and verve of ten contemporary theologians. In successive chapters he introduces these important thinkers, the movements or schools they inspire or represent, and the overarching theological question posed by their work. This key correlation yields a pedagogical strategy that enables students not only to explore contemporary theology and think theologically but also personally to probe ten important challenges to Christian discipleship today.

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  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • ISBN 9780800663797
  • Format Paperback
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 248
  • Publication Date June 2, 2009


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"With uncommon grace, Higgins paints major thinkers within the cultural and religious landscapes that illumine their key questions and make sense of their responses. Aptly titled, Wresting with the Questions will enable students not only to grasp the meaning of theological debates but to engage the authors' questions with their own. This book compellingly connects the study of theology to the existential problems with which all believers grapple and shows how theology is important for the life of faith today."
—Lisa Sowle Cahill
J. Donald Monan Professor of Theology
Boston College

"Grounded in key moments of the biblical narrative, Gregory Higgins' work helps the reader wrestle with perennial theological questions through engagement with ten major recent theologians, their critics, and supporters. Recognizing that most college students come with little knowledge of the Bible and Christian teachings, his clear, balanced explanations draw the beginner into the discussion."
—Bradley Hanson
Director of the Grace Institute for Spiritual Formation
Professor of Religion Emeritus, Luther College, Decorah


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