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Hermeneia Old Testament on CD-ROM

Hermeneia Old Testament on CD-ROM


Fortress Press is discontinuing the sale of  Hermeneia Old Testament on CD-ROM. Fortress Press is happy to announce that Hermeneia Old Testament on CD-ROM is available via electronic download from Logos Bible Software.  This new method of delivery allows the user many new features:
-Instant access via any computer (PC or Mac), iPhone, or iPad
-As new commentaries are released update your collection instantly via the internet
-resize font for optimal readability
-For a complete list of features in Logos 4 click  here.

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Unique, authoritative, indispensable, Hermeneia has in a generation produced many of the most influential and informative commentaries on the Bible in the English language. Each testament collection includes all previously published Hermeneia volumes from that testament, plus all the published Hermeneia volumes on noncannonical texts and specially selected additional commentaries.

Designed for the serious student of the Bible, each volume in the Hermeneia series aims to lay bare the ancient meaning of a biblical work and utilizes the full range of philological and historical tools. The aim of each volume is to provide critical discussion of each problem of interpretation and the primary data upon which the discussion is based. The authors make full use of ancient Semitic and classical languages along with English translations of all comparative materials- Greek, Latin, Canaanite, or Akkadian.

Including a selection of Continental Commentaries, original Hebrew text, and thousand of pages of commentary from respected theologians, Hermeneia Old Testament (on CD-ROM) is the perfect addition to your digital library. The thirty-nine commentaries included can be linked to your preferred Bible, original language searches can be executed at the click of a mouse, and these commentaries will appear in Passage Guide search results.

Features include:

  • Powerful Libronix search tools
  • Customizable appearance of the text through changing font size, style, color, and format
  • Thirty-nine volumes of outstanding Old Testament commentary
  • Writings fro well-loved theologians Walther Zummerli, Michael Lattke, Claus Westermann, and more
  • A fantastic collection for students, teachers, scholars, and professors
  • Use of bookmarks to mark verses of interest
  • Ability to append multilingual notes to any verse of the Bible
  • Accessible Hermeneia translation, NRSV, and the original Greek and Hebrew

As new volumes are published, they will be made available to previous purchasers at an "update only" price.

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format CD-ROM
  • ISBN 9780800697808
  • Publication Date October 1, 2010


Commentaries on this CD-ROM

Genesis 1—11 (CC)
Genesis 12—36 (CC)
Genesis 37—50 (CC)
Leviticus: A Book of Ritual and Ethics (CC)
Ruth (CC)
1 and 2 Kings (CC)
1 Chronicles
Psalms 2 (Psalms 51—100)
Psalms 1—59 (CC)
Psalms 60—150 (CC)
Theology of the Psalms (CC)
Qoheleth (CC)
The Song of Songs
Song of Songs (CC)
Isaiah 1—12 (CC)
Isaiah 13—27 (CC)
Isaiah 28—39 (CC)
Deutero–Isaiah (Isaiah 40—55)
Jeremiah 1 (Chapters 1—25)
Jeremiah 2 (Chapters 26—52)
Ezekiel 1 (Chapters 1—24)
Ezekiel 2 (Chapters 25—48)
Joel and Amos
Obadiah and Jonah (CC)
Micah (CC)
Haggai (CC)
1 Enoch 1 (Chapters 1—36; 81—108)
Fourth Ezra
The Apostolic Tradition
The Didache
Ignatius of Antioch
Shepherd of Hermas
The Odes of Solomon


"Taken together, Hermeneia represents some of the best recent biblical scholarship...I have no hesitation in recommending them for students."
—Morna D. Hooker, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Divinity

"Hermeneia will be the benchmark and reference point for all future work."
—Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary