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A Textual History of Christian-Muslim Relations: Seventh–Fifteenth Centuries

A Textual History of Christian-Muslim Relations

Seventh–Fifteenth Centuries

Charles Tieszen (Author)


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The question of Christian-Muslim relations is one of enduring importance in the twenty-first century. While there exists a broad range of helpful overviews on the question, these introductory texts often fail to provide readers with the depth that a thorough treatment of the primary sources and their authors would provide. 
In this important new project, Charles Tieszen provides a collection of primary theological sources devoted to the formational period of Christian-Muslim relations. It provides brief introductions to authors and their texts along with representative selections in English translation. The collection is arranged according to the key theological themes that emerge as Christians and Muslims encounter one another in the seventh to fifteenth centuries. 
The result is a resource that offers students a far better grasp of the texts early Christians and Muslims wrote about each other and a better understanding of the important theological themes that are pertinent to Christian-Muslim dialogue today.

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  • Publication Date May 1, 2015


"In A Textual History of Christian-Muslim Relations, Charles Tieszen provides excerpts of the most important works in the Muslim-Christian conversation along with insightful commentary. His work is a significant contribution to the study of the interaction of Muslims and Christians up to the threshold of modernity and will be an important resource for scholars and students alike."
–Gabriel Said Reynolds
University of Notre Dame

“By assembling representative original materials in English translation, Charles Tieszen facilitates our experience of the range of genres, tones of voice, and modes of discourse employed by Christians and Muslims in the seventh to fifteenth centuries as they took up the doctrinal questions each raised for the other. Tieszen’s book is a valuable resource for anyone with serious interest in the theological dimensions of Christian-Muslim engagement.”
Lucinda Mosher
Hartford Seminary