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Atlas of the European Reformations

A new, definitive atlas of the European Reformations has been needed for many years. Now, in anticipation of the upcoming reformation anniversaries, Fortress Press is pleased to offer the Atlas of the European Reformations.    

The Atlas of the European Reformations is newly built from the ground up. Featuring more than sixty brand new maps, graphics, and timelines, the atlas is a necessary companion to any study of the reformation era. Consciously written for students at any level, concise, helpful texts guide the experience and interpret the visuals. The volume is perfect for independent students, as well as those in structured courses.

The atlas is broken into four primary parts. “Before the Reformation” presents the larger political, religious, and economic context of Europe on the eve of the Reformation. “Reformation” presents the major contours of the Reformation, including Lutheran, Reformed, English, and Anabaptist movements. “Catholic Reform and Counter-Reformation” provides extensive information on the reforming movements within Catholicism and the responses to other movements. Finally, “Early Modern Europe” sheds fresh light on the movement and implications of the reformation in the later sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781451499698
  • eBook ISBN 9781506402918
  • Dimensions 7.5 x 9.25
  • Pages 160
  • Publication Date October 1, 2015


"Not only the ‘when’ but also the ‘where’ of past events brings our history into meaningful focus. This volume provides a running overview of the cauldrons of our heritage in the years leading to the Reformation, the sixteenth century itself, and elements of its impact on the seventeenth century, alongside clearly detailed maps. These maps make concrete the spaces in which the epoch-making unfolding of the Reformation took place. Scholars and beginners alike will gain a clearer understanding by placing the places of the Reformation into their geographical and chronological frameworks. A valuable tool for teaching and learning, formal and informal."
—Robert Kolb
Emeritus, Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis

"An invaluable resource for all students of the Reformation era."
—Alister E. McGrath
University of Oxford

"The beautifully produced maps of this Atlas—along with informative time lines, well-chosen illustrations, and clear, accessible prose—make this book an excellent contribution to 500th anniversary commemorations of the Reformation. All who are concerned about the fate of Christianity today will benefit from this illuminating window into the crises, the renewal, and the world-wide effects of the Reformation era."
—Mark A. Noll
University of Notre Dame

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Sample Syllabus

Want to use the Atlas in your course on the Reformation? Use this sample syllabus created by Mark D. Tranvik, Augsburg College, as a guide to integrating the Atlas seamlessly into your own classroom, whether as your main textbook or in conjunction with other survey and primary texts.

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Review in Anglican and Episcopal History 86.3 (2017)

Review in Choice

How can congregations best prepare for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017? We asked a group of pastors to provide feedback on how the Atlas of the European Reformations could be put to use for adult education in congregations, and they enthusiastically replied with gracious praise!

"This atlas is a welcome addition for any church library. It may be used as a quick reference for people and places during and around the Reformation era. The individual narratives also thread together, providing the reader with an overview and insights into the people and events that shaped the European landscape and beyond during this time.

Readers new to Reformation studies as well as veterans of this material will appreciate this resource, which tells the story of this era through accessible and informative narratives set along side more than sixty full-color, new maps, images, and timelines.

As congregations prepare to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this atlas is a wonderful place to begin. It sets the contextual stage for the events of the Reformation and takes the reader into the seventeenth century. The four major sections of this volume provide a framework for group study of this era. Additionally, congregations might choose to use this atlas as a way to tell the Reformation story over several weeks or months highlighting particular places, people, and events through the creation of their own maps and timelines."
The Rev. Robert A. Franek
Faith Lutheran Church
Wataga, Illinois

"A valuable resource for the serious Reformation student and scholar alike, Tim Dowley and Nick Rowland’s Atlas of the European Reformations takes us deep into territory that no one has previously explored, at least not at this depth and with this level of background resources at hand. This volume is certainly in keeping with Augsburg Fortress’s commitment to provide the highest possible level of scholarship to a continually reforming church.

Sprinkled throughout the maps, timelines, illustrations, and graphics—all of which are top-notch, by the way—are helpful narratives to encapsulate a particular facet of Reformation history. From the Spanish nobleman, Ignatius, and his initiation of the Jesuits to King Henry VIII in England, from Scandinavia to South America, the progress and push back of the reforming movement is both documented and illustrated.  The brief essays around each facet of the atlas’s primary contents—maps and charts—are accessible and informative.

Those with keen interest in Reformation history will no doubt add this volume to their collections."
Pastor Paul E. Hoffman
Author of
Faith Forming Faith and Faith Shaping Ministry
Seattle, Washington

Review in Zwinglius Redivivus